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Embracing the ‘Neck

Apr 4, 2012   //   by bcp   //   News  //  No Comments

Embrace the ‘Neck

I live in a small town – that has grown not so small – but has been listed as one of the top quaint towns (Culpeper is Quaint Town). It is fairly rural where I live, and when we first moved here, I would drive 30 miles to get a Starbucks! Now, that is one expensive cup of coffee! We have a Starbucks now, but my tastes have changed and I rarely go there. I cannot believe that I would prefer homebrew over Starbucks, and I have found myself watching such shows as Hillbilly Fishing and Swamp People and recognizing my family on the show! (Not really, they just resemble my family). Scary! My daughter is living in an even smaller town in PA and has told me, “Embrace the redneck” as she was attending the event of the day – washing down the fire-trucks the day after a busy night of calls. There is not much “keeping up with the Jones” here (except an occasional case of tractor-envy – but beware – the biggest tractors gets to plow snow!), and when a tree falls in your yard, there is no lack of chainsaws and it becomes a bounty of firewood for the neighbors! Part of me misses the frantic schedule of soccer games, scouts, music lessons of Northern VA, but I do enjoy it when the most difficult decision of the day is “What’s for dinner?” Still adjusting, but here’s an embrace around the ‘Neck!
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Help is on the Way!

Mar 20, 2012   //   by bcp   //   News  //  No Comments

Hi folks– Sorry we’ve been silent for so long! We’ve been hard at work on the upcoming Evening Prayers service, and are approaching the end of the tunnel. We’re also learning how to video ourselves– how is it this is a skill the 20 and unders are born with, and somehow was not included in our genetic codes?? Anyway, here is a demo of the open chord guitar for the Sanctus from the “Alleluia” communion setting, followed by the tab. If you’d like more information on this setting, drop us a line….

A Download A Day

Dec 20, 2011   //   by bcp   //   News  //  No Comments

From now until Christmas, get a free download a day from our new CD, “Long Awaited King.” Just go to and look for the free track. Today’s freebie: “O Come O Come Emmanuel”

Taking a Quick Breather

Dec 15, 2011   //   by bcp   //   News  //  No Comments

Just taking a breather before our last Christmas show tonight. It’s been a pretty good season– we’ve enjoyed playing for some large groups in a variety of places over the past week and a half– a posh country club, a large church, and even a jewelry store. We’ve enjoyed the audience interaction and positive comments at each one, but I think last night’s has to move to the top of our list. We were at a Rehab/Rest Center for a Family Night Holiday party. The tables were nicely decorated and snack buffet set up in an adjoining room. Family members brought in their loved ones, most all in wheel chairs. We greeted a few “regulars” we knew from our monthly visits, where we sing with the residents on Sunday afternoons. It was wonderful to hear people singing with us– they especially seemed to enjoy “Jingle Bells,” where we had everyone with keys become our percussion section, “Frosty,” “Rudolph”, and the “12 Days of Christmas.” One man came to us after returning his wife to her room and said, “Thanks a million. You got my wife to do something she hasn’t done in three years– sing!” Other family members commented on how their loved ones had sung every word of the songs. It felt so good to spread some Christmas cheer! We have a small party to sing for tonight of mostly kids– should be fun! Then onto more practice and the Christmas Eve service at church.

New CD Preview

Nov 12, 2011   //   by bcp   //   News  //  No Comments

Even before its release, “Long Awaited King,” The Braeded Chord’s 5th CD, is getting good reviews! Here’s what Andrea Guy from “ReviewYou” has to say:

“The Braeded Chord have given listeners the best Christmas gift of all with Long Awaited King, an album of holiday music that is simple and powerful in its message. Through classic songs and new material, the real meaning of Christmas shines through. This is an album that will be a must-listen when you are trudging through the mall looking for the perfect gift and wondering what the season is all about. The music on Long Awaited King is the best reminder.”

Old and new are blended and rearranged, providing listeners with a pleasing mix of folk, rock, pop and jazz. Have a listen at the “rocking-est” track of the project:

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