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O Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) – Agnus Dei which includes John 3:16

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) Lent – Lenten Agnus Dei

Amazing Love – modern anthem based on Wesley’s “And Can it Be”

Around the World Across the Street – missions

Beneath_the_Cross – Good Friday

Breathe a Prayer – meditative

Come Let Us Turn to the Lord – Lent; based on Hosea 6 and 1 Cor 13

Follow the Cross – Song of Dedication

God Has Come To Us – Christmas

I am Yours and You are Mine – upbeat praise for all times

Holy Holy Holy (Alleluia) – upbeat Sanctus (from Alleluia)

Kyrie – text from 1978  Lutheran Book of Worship (from Alleluia, Joyous Light of Glory)

Lord’s Prayer – text traditional (from Alleluia, Joyous Light of Glory)

Love Is – gentle melody, text based on 1 Cor 13

My Prodigal – based on the story of the prodigal son

Long Awaited King – Advent

Sanctus (for Lent) – Sanctus appropriate for Lent

O Tiny Child – Advent, Christmas

Psalm 31 My Times are in Your Hands – Psalm 31 for Lent

Psalm 51 Have Mercy on Me O God – Psalm 51 (Responsive) for Lent

Psalm 130 I Wait for the Lord – Psalm 130 for Lent

The Joy of Salvation is Here – Joyful Christmas Song

Tapestry of Praise – Praise for the difficult times

This is the Feast – text from 1978 Lutheran Book of Worship (from Alleluia)

We Bow Down – gathering song


Resource Videos

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Below are some great people and resources that Braeded Chord Production has discovered over the years and wanted to share with our fans.

Aarography – Aaro Keipi provided the photography for the BCP website.

Bias Studios – All of The Braeded Chord’s CDs have been recorded at BIAS, home of many grammy award winners.

Ionian Arts – Doris’ sister’s music publishing company.

Keychord – BCP likes this free site to find chords for piano and guitar.

Robert Rathe Photography – BCP has had many photos provided by Robert Rathe.

Songsterr – An iPhone, iPod and iPad app for guitar tabs that plays along with the tab so you can hear how it is supposed to sound.

Transposr – A free tool for changing the keys of mp3s.

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