Braeded Chord Productions believes everyone can learn. Motivation is key– “as educators, we try to build on inner motivation by keeping things fun and interesting and then giving our students the skills to be proficient. We try to make music accessible– perhaps by lowering the bar initially, simplifying songs to a few chords to give early success, and then building and presenting new challenges.” — Doris and Sharon, The Braeded Chord

Worship Seminar

Sharon and Doris (The Braeded Chord) began as and continue to be worship leaders—worshipping God, and leading others to a more intimate relationship with God through music, is always their desire. They come with experience working as musicians in the Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, United Brethren, Nazarene, Presbyterian and Alliance denominations.

After several years of leading a contemporary worship service in a moderately large church, Sharon and Doris felt the call to share their experiences with those who are beginning to test the waters of “contemporary worship.” Their aim is to do so in a way that encourages the participation of the congregation while maintaining the unity of the church. Their heart is for all the generations to worship God together, with all their heart, mind and soul.

Teen Worship Boot Camps

Boot Camps are high-energy one-week day camps where teens learn the basics of playing guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.  Mid-way through the week, the students are divided into bands, and practice not only their music but also their band-building skills.  Doing this in a few days, just a few hours a day, might sound impossible– but evidence of the students’ new-found skills can be seen and heard at the Friday End-of-Band-Camp Program.

Teen Worship Band Camp creators Sharon Dennis and Doris Au MacDonald lead the camp with the help of older teens/young adults who help teach instrument skills and mentor the bands.  Email for this year’s camp info and registration.

2016 TWBC Poster

Make A Joyful Noise Children’s Music Camps

MAJN Music Camp is a week of music, fun, crafts and games for children grades 1-4, including group singing, small group instruction in rhythm, ukulele, piano and group movement, dance, singing, and basic music theory and literacy. An end of camp show for parents and friends concludes the week’s activities.

For more information on either Worship Seminars or Teen and Children’s Music Camps, contact BCP.

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