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Preparing for Change

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One thing I love about late August is the nip in the air that promises a change of seasons. Seasons need to change, and I am getting prepared! Currently I am in a season of physical and emotional spent. My bones ache from work or worry – I am not sure which – because I have been doing too much of both. I have kept myself busy with mindless tasks to keep my mind off of worrisome things. Scrubbing the outside door jambs to repaint in preparation for winter has been my latest mind occupier. One thing I hate about late August is the spiders! They build their webs near the house to catch all the pests trying to get in for winter. There are some spiders so large that neither my broom nor my hose will dislodge, and I think they are bent on capturing my husband! They build their webs between the bushes where he drives the lawnmower, but he has enough horsepower to break through – to their disappointment. I should count it as fortune that they are keeping out the pests, but I cannot communicate with them the definition of pest, and I am afraid that my youngest son may go missing one day! Oh the worry, but I am thankful for the change! – SD for TBC

Summer Rewind, Fast Forward Fall
This summer rushed by in a blur– but we won’t forget the good memories it left behind. We presented our completed version of Evening Prayers (“Joyous Light of Glory”) to a congregation in Thousand Oaks, CA full of Lutheran Church musicians (the pros), complete with flute and violin obbligato, and it was joyously received. Here’s the Benediction from the service.

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We presented a workshop on Intergenerational Worship at the ALCM Region IV Gathering and didn’t start a riot! 🙂 We enjoyed directing our first “Make A Joyful Noise” music camp for children, and our eighth Teen Worship Boot Camp.

“Thanks again for yet another inspiring year of Teen Worship Music Boot Camp!” “You guys are great!! Can not wait till next year! Thank You 10,000 times and then some!”

As the weather cools and some early signs of fall appear, we look forward to several upcoming events. Let us know what’s happening with you– we invite you to come out to our performances so we can take time to catch up.



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Drum roll: This week, Sharon and I finished writing the Evening Prayer Service which will be presented this July at the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians conference (Region 4) in California. Yippee! Now it goes to the editors. We are SO excited to be at this stage—and feel very good about the music.

On Monday, we’ll be joining Tom Saputo and Friends at the Signature Theater located at 4200 Campbell Avenue in Arlington, VA. “This is Our Song” is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, with all ticket sales going towards this worthy organization. Come help us help the ACS! Email for tickets and information.

Join our fans on Jango Radio – it’s fun and it’s free, and gives you access to all genres of music. “Nice harmonies…. And a great message”

Buzz… we’ve received so many great comments about our recent photos! They were taken by the very talented Aaro Keipi, whose wonderful work you can access thru the link below. We wish him well on his upcoming move back to his native Finland, and look forward to our next photo shoot when he returns in the fall!

(Photo: Aarography Photography)

April Flowers

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10 Shenandoah Dreams

Recently, “Shenandoah Dreams” was selected and added to the playlist of internet radio. “What a beautiful song and melody! I’ll add it to our playlist and give it some featured attention on a regular program we’re producing entitled “United Sense of Place.” (Traci Hickson, Director of Muse Music)
Towards the end of the month, we’ll take part in a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at the Signature Theater in Arlington, VA. (April 23, 7:30pm) Come and join us for this worthy cause (and be one of the friendly faces we see in the audience!)
This week we celebrate Easter, with special services for Holy Week @ Church of the Word in Gainesville, VA. It is a busy time for us, and for the Church, but we are privileged to be a part. Happy Easter– He is Risen!

Embracing the ‘Neck

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Embrace the ‘Neck

I live in a small town – that has grown not so small – but has been listed as one of the top quaint towns (Culpeper is Quaint Town). It is fairly rural where I live, and when we first moved here, I would drive 30 miles to get a Starbucks! Now, that is one expensive cup of coffee! We have a Starbucks now, but my tastes have changed and I rarely go there. I cannot believe that I would prefer homebrew over Starbucks, and I have found myself watching such shows as Hillbilly Fishing and Swamp People and recognizing my family on the show! (Not really, they just resemble my family). Scary! My daughter is living in an even smaller town in PA and has told me, “Embrace the redneck” as she was attending the event of the day – washing down the fire-trucks the day after a busy night of calls. There is not much “keeping up with the Jones” here (except an occasional case of tractor-envy – but beware – the biggest tractors gets to plow snow!), and when a tree falls in your yard, there is no lack of chainsaws and it becomes a bounty of firewood for the neighbors! Part of me misses the frantic schedule of soccer games, scouts, music lessons of Northern VA, but I do enjoy it when the most difficult decision of the day is “What’s for dinner?” Still adjusting, but here’s an embrace around the ‘Neck!
SD for TBC

Help is on the Way!

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Hi folks– Sorry we’ve been silent for so long! We’ve been hard at work on the upcoming Evening Prayers service, and are approaching the end of the tunnel. We’re also learning how to video ourselves– how is it this is a skill the 20 and unders are born with, and somehow was not included in our genetic codes?? Anyway, here is a demo of the open chord guitar for the Sanctus from the “Alleluia” communion setting, followed by the tab. If you’d like more information on this setting, drop us a line….

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