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When we (The Braeded Chord) traveled to Beirut this summer, we were touched by the stories of the staff of Heart for Lebanon (many of them refugees themselves) so we brought their stories home in song. Their reality is much harsher than these lyrics could portray, but we hope that this song will give insight to their struggle and move us all to compassion. We are making available an audio download of our latest song “Another Winter in Beirut (A Refugee’s Lament)” with proceeds going to help refugee families through Heart for Lebanon .

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Refugee Camp Outside Beirut Lebanon

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Take a listen ….

Another Winter in Beirut YouTube

“Another Winter in Beirut (A Refugee’s Lament) ©2016 Sharon Dennis & Doris Au MacDonald. Performed by The Braeded Chord w/ the talents of Kristen Jones (cello), Jim Robeson (bass), Tom Teasley (percussion). Recorded Jim Robeson Productions. Thank you Kristen, Jim, and Tom for your talents and contributions.

* Braeded Chord Productions, LLC. is not a registered 501(c)3 organization and cannot issue receipts for tax purposes. If you wish to receive a tax receipt, please consider donating directly to Heart for Lebanon

Sharon Dennis and Doris Au MacDonald of Braeded Chord Productions have one mission:  to make music, and faith music in particular, accessible to all.  With that, they write, perform, teach, lead worship and train others to do the same.  Using multiple genres for an intergenerational audience, they attempt to reach as many as possible — with light-heartedness, skillful craftsmanship and great respect for musical excellence.


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