Choral Arrangements

New for 2022!!

All music available as immediate downloads (PDF) Free!

This also gives you permission to reproduce as needed for bulletins.  Braeded Chord Productions is a member of CCLI, so if you report to CCLI remember to include us! 

Amazing Love (SATB)

A modern hymn using chorus from Wesley’s “And Can it Be”

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Amazing Love Choral Music (Free)

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Breathe a Prayer (SA)

A gentle, ballad style and captures the intimate prayer of the one seeking after God’s own heart.

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Breathe a Prayer Choral Music (Free)

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Come Let Us Turn to the Lord (SAB)

Perfect for Lent or other times of introspection (from Hosea 6, 1 Corinthians 13)

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Come Let Us Turn to the Lord Choral (SAB) (Free)

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Follow the Cross (2 Part w/ Violin of C Instrument)

Gentle ballad – Song of dedication – good for invitation or discipleship

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Follow the Cross (2 Part) Free version


O Come O Come Emmanuel (SA w/Ensemble)

Perfect for Advent combining O Come O Come Emmanuel with Of the Father’s Love Begotten

O Come O Come Emmanuel Free Version


Christmas Folio (SA)

Three original carols for Advent/Christmas.  O Tiny Child is a tender lullaby, written in a slow tempo.  Long Awaited King expresses the longings of the waiting heart and is suitable for Advent.  God Has Come to Us is an upbeat, joyous celebration of Christ’s birth.

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O Tiny Child/God Has Come to Us/Long Awaited King Free Music Music


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